Day 90 is here. I did it! Finished the day strong with a run, a great workout and finishing book 13 this morning. What an amazing feeling. Here is a first in depth review of what I learned from this experiment during the last 90 days:

What fitness and life goals have I achieved?
  • Run 10k
  • Work out every day
  • Stretch every day to increase flexibility
  • Reading 13 books (book 14 started already) in 13 weeks
  • Writing on my blog (almost) daily for 90 days, documenting my own journey.

Not achieved:

doing the split : but much more flexible and closer too it. Do not want to push to hard but allow for time to expand more naturally

Meditating daily: did not feel useful

New empowered habits I established:
  • Work out daily
  • Stretch daily in the morning and evening
  • Daily walk outside
  • Go to bed between 10 & 11
  • Sleep until 8 am and wake up naturally without an alarm
  • 2h easy going morning with reading, coffee, time for myself
How has my body changed?
  • It feels more relaxed
  • My body is much more tone and I gained quite a lot of muscles
  • I did not loose any weight, my weight stayed pretty much the same
  • My flexibility increased
  • My endurance had improved
New healthy lifestyle elements:
  • Fitbit to track my performance
  • I am a runner
  • I am a Writer
What breakthrough have I had:
  • Identity shifts towards my healthy lifestyle and running
  • Working out daily even though I did not feel like it: I always feel better afterwarda
  • Stopping the Whole30 as it did not feel right for me at this time
  • Saying yes to pasta and bread again
  • Reading one book a week
How has my overall attitude changed?
  • I am much more confident
  • Much more active and positive
  • I have much more mental capacity for my to-do´s
  • Much more energy due to more sleep
  • Much more self aware of my daily habits
Challenges I faced:
  • My body hurt after 2-3 weeks of daily work-out and I found a way to keep going without pushing too hard
  • Learning to listen to my body when my body needed rest versus a hard exercise
  • Stopping the Whole30 because I did not eat enough carbs and was hungry all the time
  • Changing my meditation goal to general mindfulness and seeing this as a mindful way to handle the resistance
  • Only one day no exercise when I did not set boundaries at work, kept going the next day
My energy level and enthusiasm for life?
  • Very positive outlook in general
  • Much more energy
  • Started new projects (podcast) and my business in general
What have I learned about myself?
  • 8-9 hours of sleep is my optimum
  • I prefer a quiet morning with time to myself
  • My body is capable of working out every day and loves it
  • If they are well prepared and I am set up for success, I can reach my goals easily
  • I thrive on the fixed structure of healthy habits and it gives me much more confidence to prioritize my own well-being
How have my relationships improved?
  • The energy and positivity had a very positive impact on my relationship with my boyfriend. He cheered me on and was super supportive and also inspired to focus on his health goals.
  • I have also been able to show up consistently for my sister and friends/colleagues
  • All appointments were kept
  • I am much more loving to myself
New fitness goals:
  • Run 15 k
  • Keep up the daily workout and stretching, working towards the splits and get even more toned
  • Keep up daily walks to get enough movement and fresh air
  • Add surfing and paddle boarding this spring/summer

As you can see I already have new goals for the next 90 days as I believe that it will be useful to not only keep going but to change and challenge myself further in areas I want to improve.

This 90 Days were such a great experiment. If you want support for your own 90 Day journey, stay tuned for more to come!

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