As I write the words at the end of the day, Hamburg is all covered in beautiful white snow. The past years this hadn´t happened often so this afternoon I took advantage from my new created freedom and took a long walk in the park through the snow. How amazing.
Not only the snow was a highlight today, I have also had a very productive work day. I worked on getting new clients and and send some emails I had procrastinated a little on which feels always good. 
This is actually the secret to anything: taking action. As the worth week of my challenge is coming to an end, I feel very good about the progress I have made this month. I feel proud of my body being able to exercise every day and of my mindset to stay strong and grow in confidence with every day that is passing.
The thing that always rings true: knowing things does not mean we are actually doing it. Removing the obstacles from doing as much as possible is what is needed to grow. And with every day I feel more confident in my own Coaching abilities.
This evening I will celebrate my progress with good self care. because of the snow my boyfriend is coming tomorrow so I have the day off for myself. Treating myself to a nice manicure and pedicure as well as watching a movie is my treat of choice.
To recap today:

  1. Sleep:  77% sleep quality today 
  2. Eating: Smoothie for breakfast, scrambled eggs and veggies again for lunch and chicken and veggies for dinner.
  3. Movement: 
    • 10 min of Yoga and morning stretching – done 
    • 10 min of strength training – abs training done today
    • 10 min of stretching and foam rolling – 10 min stretching done
    • a walk, a run or bike ride outside every day – I took a long walk today
    • Train to run 10k by mid March -no running today because of snow
  4. Writing each day, at least a blog post – done
  5. Read a book a week –  About to finish to „A Promised Land“ this evening
  6. Mindfulness 10 min – Journalling and breathing done

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