Saturdays are for fun! Today started strong after a really good nights sleep and a relaxed morning with some writing, stretching, reading, Smoothie and coffee. Afterwards I cleaned my apartment and let some of the fresh winter air into the apartment, especially into the bedroom.I immediately afterwards did my workout and stretching for the day and took a nice warm shower and got ready to spend the rest of my day with my boyfriend, no more work necessary.
After my workout I felt good and strong er than 4 weeks ago and focussing my stretching on my back really opened my body up more. I feel amazing with my new exercise routine.
The rest of the day was spent with a long walk through Hamburg, everything still covered on snow, a home cooked dinner and an indoor date night, covid style. 

To recap today:

  1. Sleep:  88% sleep quality today 
  2. Eating: Smoothie for breakfast, home made raisin rolls for lunch and pasta with Bolognese 
  3. Movement: 
    • 10 min of Yoga and morning stretching – done 
    • 10 min of strength training – whole body workout done
    • 10 min of stretching and foam rolling – 10 min stretching done, mostly back stretches 
    • a walk, a run or bike ride outside every day – I took a long walk today
    • Train to run 10k by mid March -no running today because of snow
  4. Writing each day, at least a blog post – done
  5. Read a book a week –  Finish to „A Promised Land“ and taking a little reading break before starting my next book
  6. Mindfulness 10 min – Journalling and breathing done

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