Wow, day 89!! I am here! It is Easter today, which marks a nice ending towards the 90 day challenge and the first quarter of the year.

I have spend some time today looking back to where I have started 3 months ago and it seems to be a different lifetime. Sometimes it amazes me how I got here. Besides on day, I have been working out daily for the last 90 days. I have read 13 books so far this year and have found my natural sleep cycle and can wake up without an alarm most of the days. My healthy habits are supported by a nice structure and this routine is what allows me to show up with lots of energy, positivity and confidence for my new job as a Coach and Writer and now Podcaster as of next week. Super exciting, we are actually going live as planned next week.

The routine allows me to do even more than I thought in the beginning of the year. My big why was to create a safe structure that will support me during the transition and increase the confidence in myself by sticking to my plans and showing up for myself. This experiment has been creating the foundation for my new Coaching Programme and it is going to launch in a couple of weeks.

I am starting my next 90 day journey but I will end the daily blogging about it now. For sure I will post updates along the way but the daily blogging served its purpose: to show me that I, too, am able to blog daily when I put my mind to it and I can create content regularly. Also accountability, which I will need to enforce in a different way and I am looking forward to try other ways.

Let´s recap day 80:

  1. Sleep: 76% sleep quality
  2. Eating: Porridge for breakfast, homemade Easter Bread today for lunch and soup for dinner.
  3. Movement:
    • 10 min of Yoga and morning stretching – done
    • 10 min of strength training – 15 min workout (abs and squats)
    • 10 min of stretching and foam rolling – 10 min back stretching
    • a walk, a run or bike ride outside every day – 1 afternoon walk
    • Train to run 10k by mid March – no running today
  4. Writing each day, at least a blog post – done
  5. Read a book a week – no reading today yet, maybe in bed tonight
  6. Mindfulness – a little mindfulness during the afternoon when reflecting on the progress and setting my new goals.

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