One great thing coming out of my daily exercise plan is, that I am really getting to know my body and what it is able to do. After years of on and off periods with more or less movement but foremost days and weeks of sitting at my desk, my back getting tighter and my shoulders falling down, this daily movement plan feels like a bit of a stretch sometimes. Which is exactly my intention.

I am not planning to harm myself by pushing through but want to increase my comfort zone, slowly but surely. And by exercising every day, I get to see when my body needs more gentle movement, stretching, some foam rolling and when it feels like doing a cardio session or more strength training.
In earlier years I might have been tempted to punish myself with negative self talk when my performance did not measure to my heads expectations. Today I just give myself the space to move how it feels good. My strength training felt sufficiently included in my up-hill bike ride today and according to my fit.bit, it was a great Cardio training as well.

After my bike ride my body felt tired and from stretching a lot yesterday it still felt a little sore and tight. I treated my body to more gentle stretches today. No need to push myself further, my bike ride was a good training for my legs as it was. Not even 1 month in, I must remind myself that I am still pretty early on in my challenge. After years of not moving well most of my time, challenging my body in this intensity, this was to be expected. 

All in all, today was another great day. I added daily dutch learning sessions to my new routine, now that my job is done. This shows me that my 90 day challenge is working. I have enough energy and feel inspired to take on even more and not feel overwhelmed by what I am doing or the free time I currently having. My daily movement structure is supporting just that.

To recap today:

  1. Sleep: back to 82% sleep quality today 
  2. Eating: Smoothie for breakfast, a Curry for lunch and Veggie-Sandwiches for dinner
  3. Movement: 
    • 10 min of Yoga and morning stretching – done 
    • 10 min of strength training – replaced by biking
    • 10 min of stretching and foam rolling – 15 min of slow stretching, was really sore today
    • a walk, a run or bike ride outside every day – I took 2×40 min bike rides today
    • Train to run 10k by mid March -instead I was biking, also quite a lot in Cardio zone
  4. Writing each day, at least a blog post – done
  5. Read a book a week –  Listened to „A Promised Land
  6. Mindfulness 10 min – Journalling and Coaching today

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