It´s Sunday, January 31st. The first month of the year 2021 is behind us and the first 4 weeks of my 90 Day Challenge completed.
Today started with a little disaster though, because my Smoothie Maker sort of exploded on me and my two big portions of Smoothie were running over the floor instead of into our bellies. We regrouped a little after we cleaned up the mess and got back on track with a productive Sunday. Movement, some work and lots of couple time as we do every weekend. 
I looked at what I accomplished so far and must say: I am proud of how far I have come and a little surprised as to how easy it in the end was. Not that it was easy every day, but at the overall ease and energy the focus of my challenge is providing. And it sure feels good to tick so many boxes every day.
During the first month of tracking my sleep and allowing my body and brain as much sleep as it is asking for, I learned that I need to plan for at least 9 hours of bed time if not better 10 into my routine. This month I mostly did not use an alarm except those days I had early meetings for my work. In February I will try to see what it will be like getting up at the same time every day. This was recommended in „Why we Sleep“ and also by my FitBit app. I´ll aim at a comfortable 8 am, because, why not. So I need to go to bed between 10 and 11pm. Let´s see how it will go.
My eating was pretty intuitive this month. A lot more Pasta and bread than I used to have but overall I feel my body reacts fine to it and I lost almost 2 kg this month, despite building muscles as well. I have a weight goal in mind but I am not obsessed with it, more curious as to how my body reacts to the overall challenge and see what is possible.
Most excited am I about my Movement progress. This is a big stepping stone for me and the confidence and body knowledge this is providing me is exactly what I hoped for. I see so much progress in how easy the exercises and different body positions feel to me and in my progress in stretching. I did not hit my split goal yet, I was a lot more tight today than last week. But I am curious and optimistic that I will soon have one of my splits back. My other big stretching focus will be on my back though. I will continue next month mostly as I did the last and not change anything at this point. Every 3-4 days I will take it easier on the strength training to give my body some rest and focus more on stretching instead. In February, if the weather will allow, I am also planning to increase my running distance and work myself up to 10k in 5 weeks.
For my writing goal, except the 1 super busy day, I have been consistent in writing my blog every day. Training my consistency muscle is feeling good and daily accountability is definitely helpful for the overall challenge. I have also read 4 books this month, and not only short ones. It was a good mixture of 1 paper version, 2 audio books and one ebook. I like the variety in my reading and also find it helpful to set myself targets to finish the books. 
Interestingly, mindfulness has been the biggest challenge through all of this so far. I wanted to meditate at first, then I changed it to a mindfulness practice. I discovered the stoic. app which I currently like to use. It combines journalling, breathing, meditation and reflection. But I feel I can step it up a notch and will add meditation to my morning yoga. So, I said it. Let´s bring it on. 
So, this is how it´s going and I am feeling good, confident and my energy level and overall happiness is very good right now. And I am sure, my confidence and optimism towards the future and my ability to grow my own business further would not be as stable if it wasn´t for all the little daily accomplishments of this challenge. So I am also hitting my overall why. 
To recap today:

  1. Sleep:  86% sleep quality today 
  2. Eating: eggs and bread for breakfast (because smoothie explosion), soup for lunch and steak and veggies for dinner
  3. Movement: 
    • 10 min of Yoga and morning stretching – 10 min done
    • 10 min of strength training – 20 min whole body done 
    • 10 min of stretching and foam rolling – 10 min stretching done
    • a walk, a run or bike ride outside every day – short bike ride and a walk
    • Train to run 10k by mid March -no running today because of snow
  4. Writing each day, at least a blog post – done
  5. Read a book a week –  already done for the week
  6. Mindfulness 10 min – Journalling and breathing done

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